Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of members from local area fire districts and law enforcement agencies as well as community members at large.  If you wish to serve on the Board of Directors, please contact via postal mail, electronic mail, or phone.

Structure of the Organization

We have a Operations Director which oversees the organization and reports back to the Board of Directors.
A training officer which establishes training objectives, qualifications and structure so we are at our best.
Our safety officer ensures our team is performing our training and missions to the safest standards.
A equipment officer who makes sure our equipment is taken care of, broken items fixed and helps make sure our stations are maintained to the highest level of care and detail.
A logistics office keeps our team in the best quality gear,  and with plenty of water and snacks for the long hot/cold days on a mission or training.
Our Public Information officer deals directly with the public and third party news sources regarding questions/interview for CBDR.
Our fundraising officer seeks out donations, grants and leads on different foundations that are willing to donate to our organization.
The business manager is a volunteer as well who helps check mail, respond to the board of directors, maintains our formal business records and information.

From there, we have Duty Officers who will step forward during a mission and help lead the team depending on what members we have available to respond to the mission. 
Our organization is then broke up to divers, divers in training, qualified surface support members and surface support trainees.