CBDR participates in many community activities throughout the year. These events can be seen as public outreach/ education and safety support.

Public Outreach missions include attending STEM nights at various schools, local parades, national night out, and the USCG annual open house event.

Safety Support missions include marathon swim events, and the Special Olympics Polar Plunge.

CBDR does not provide support for private events or the annual hydroplane races. The latter requires specialized training and equipment to remove drivers from the vessels, so specialized crews are used.

Public Outreach and Safety

Annual Tri-Cities Polar Plunge!

The team checks the waters beforehand for dangers and provides safety support for jumpers entering the frigid Columbia.

Local School STEM nights

CBDR is a regular at most STEM nights to help educate students on water safety and to demonstrate the technologies that the team uses in their missions.

CBDR provides safety support for these events by staging boats along the swim portion of the courses and keeping a close eye on each and every participant that goes in the water.

Current Fundraising Events - Come out and support CBDR!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all current public fundraisers have been put on hold. Please keep checking back!