Going out with your friends for a day on (or near) the water is a great way to spend time!

The most important thing any time you are in, on, or near water is SAFETY! Since people don't have gills like fish, we need to be extra careful around water. The information on this page is here to help you and your friends stay safe around the water.

  1. Make a plan

Preparing before spending the day near the water will not only keep you safe, but also make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Here are a few things you should do before going to the water:

  1. Let and Adult know when, where, how long you will be gone, and who you will be with.

  2. Things to take with you:

    • Life jackets

    • Drinking water

    • Snacks

    • Sunscreen

    • Phone

    • A friend - never swim alone!

  3. Know what to do in an emergency (See #3 at the bottom)

2. Have fun, but be alert!

  1. Never leave you buddy alone in the water! Watch out for each other!

  2. Pay attention to surroundings- watch out for dangers like currents, trees or rocks in the water, and weather!

  3. No dangerous horseplay- do not dunk or push your friends, especially if they are unsure about swimming!

  4. Be Brave- If you see something wrong or aren't comfortable, SAY SOMETHING!

3. EMERGENCY ACTIONS: If you can't find your friend

  1. Call for help! If you have other friends in the area, have them run to find an adult

  2. If no adult is nearby, call 911

  3. DO NOT leave the area! As rescue workers, we will need to know where your friend was. We call this the "last seen point", and knowing that can help rescue workers find them faster!

4. If you can see your friend and they are on the surface:

  1. Find a branch, paddle, or other long object for them to grab

  2. Throw a flotation device to them

  3. DO NOT attempt to save them by jumping in after them

Join Bobber the Water Safety Dog at Bobber.info for some fun videos on water safety, games, and coloring pages.

Click on Bobber to go straight to the fun activities!

CBDR loves to teach children about water safety!

If you would like Dive Rescue to come to your school, ask your teacher to contact us at info@cbdr.org and we would be happy to come say hi!

Stay Safe and Have Fun!